Fully780 Factory Mountain Bicycle 21 Speed Custom High Quality steel Men Suspension Mountain Bike MTB Bike


Title:Factory Mountain Bicycle 21 Speed Custom High Quality steel Men Suspension Mountain Bike MTB Bike
Description:The Fully780 frame is traditional designed with the latest standards so it is compatible with many accessories. It will also easy for you to upgrade. This bicycle satisfies your requirements of cycling speed and cycling fun, meanwhile shows your excellent skills of riding. The brake lever and gear shifter will ensure your safety at large.
Feature:Steel frame assures the bicycle strong. Sensitive brake system gives the possibility to stop immediately when facing dangerous to make the rider stay safe. People at different height can ride comfortable because of the adjustable seat and handle bar.

Product Detail


Fully780 use Frame:High-carbon steel frame,suspension fork with 38 tube,Shifter:copy EF500-7,Derailleur:F:Copy TX30,R:Copy TZ50,21speed,Cassette Disc brake,steel straight handlebar,1.95 tire with ChaoYang,40mm double wall rim ,Seal centre shaft

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type Fully780
size 26”
color 236247 (1)
Frame High-carbon steel suspension frame
Front fork Suspension fork with 38 tube
Handle bar Straight handle bar
Speed 21 speed
Shifter Copy EF51-7
Front derailleur Copy TX30
Rear derailleur Copy TZ50
Brake Cassette Disc brake
Freewheel 14-28T
Chain wheel &crank 42*34*24T*165mm,3pcs steel with black plastic cover
Chain 108L
Bottom Bracket Axletree
Hub Disc-brake seal hubs
Rim 40mm double wall
Tire 1.95 Chaoyang
Seat post L:300
Quick release Aluminium alloy
Saddle Leather Mountain style
Pedal Mountain style
Weight 17.5kg
Package  85%SKD 5PLY carton;75%SKD 5PLY carton;55%SKD 5PLY carton;35% SKD 5PLY carton;85%SKD PE bag;100%CKDA/B box

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