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On May 5-8, 2021, the 30th China International Bicycle Exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong) with the theme of "win-win cooperation for both domestic and foreign repairs". This China Exhibition will set up a stage for the global two-wheeled vehicle industry to meet again, seek common industrial development plans and promote a new round of trade exchanges.


After the initial victory in the fight against Covid-19 epidemic, the re-holding of China Exhibition is particularly noticeable. Just stepped out of the front line of anti-epidemic, just stepped out of the scene of producing green transportation with full power, just stepped out of the efforts of practicing the "double circulation" at home and abroad, and the vast number of exhibitors moved to the exhibition site in China to welcome guests from all directions with a smile, giving people an unusual feeling! Different from every China exhibition in the past, this China exhibition bears more responsibilities and shoulders more missions.

According to Shanghai's epidemic prevention and control requirements, participants in large events such as exhibitions need to be verified by their real names.Participants who have completed the real-name authentication can enter the exhibition with ID card if they meet the following four requirements:

The certificate (exhibition certificate) is consistent

Wear a mask

Show the green "with the application code" (Shanghai health code)

The temperature was measured normal.


In addition to the display of brand and corporate image, the China Exhibition also "cooked" a sumptuous meal for every visitor, which is beautiful and colorful, hoping to make every visitor return home with a full load. This year's China Exhibition has at least the following highlights:


Highlight 1: The theme exhibition of the 30 th anniversary of China Exhibition

In order to truly recall and show the glorious journey of China Exhibition, the Organizing Committee has prepared a series of celebrations to sort out the development of China in the past 30 years, take stock of the achievements of technological innovation in the past 30 years, pay tribute to industry leaders, pioneers and innovators, and witness the glory and dream of China Exhibition in the past 30 years.


Highlight 2: Tianjin Pan Da Technology Group participated in the exhibition

Our booth: [E1] 0442


On May 5, 2021, our company (Tianjin Pan Da Technology Group) attended the exhibition as scheduled. There were mountain bikes, road bikes, electric bikes and so on. Our products belong to the middle and high end, and are favored by many customers.


At present, the customers who consult our products are from Mexico, Pakistan, Nepal, Colombia, India, Tanzania, Israel and so on. There are a lot of customers in the booth. Up to now, we have received dozens of customers.


Our company's booth has made a three-product strategy, that is, the low, medium and high-end products can be better presented to customers, so that customers can understand the configuration of low, medium and high-end bicycle products and help them make some choices. In this way, customers can better understand the current bicycle grade.


The first person who came to the exhibition this afternoon was an Indian. He was very interested in seeing our products, took the initiative to add the contact information of the staff, and listened carefully to the details of our products.


Our products truly demonstrate the innovation ability and R&D transformation ability in the areas of remanufactured product design, manufacturing technology and materials used in China's bicycle industry, and expand the influence and enhance the competitiveness of our own bicycle brands.

Highlight 3: Bicycle show

In the corner of the hall, an exhibition bicycle race began.

There were both adults and children in the performance.


Highlight 4: There are fully open booths in this year's exhibition:

A very large open booth was introduced: each row showcased a different model, from road bikes to mountain bikes.Each has a different material, a different frame.It's amazing.



Highlight 5: Open your arms and embrace the world

With the development of economic globalization, the economies of various countries are increasingly connected and dependent on each other, the scope of international cooperation is constantly expanding, the cross-regional allocation of production factors is unprecedentedly extensive, and the global market is rapidly formed. China has become the global bicycle manufacturing center. With the great influence brought by the successful China Exhibition every year, many international famous brand enterprises participate in it.


Foreign counterparts have set the goal of entering Chinese mainland, opening up the Chinese market and seeking cooperation with Chinese enterprises at the China Exhibition. Of course, what international counterparts really pay attention to is not only the China Exhibition, but also the living conditions of 1.4 billion people reflected behind it and the huge market space derived from it. A large number of domestic enterprises, on the one hand, find their own gaps and future development directions from these top bicycle products that represent the highest technological content of bicycles in the world today; On the other hand, through the window of China Exhibition, we can quickly establish communication opportunities with international counterparts, and seek cooperation intentions and international development business opportunities.



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