Contrast between mountain bicycle and road bicycle

In recent years, cycling activities have gradually become popular, and many people have gradually joined the activity. Many novices don’t know how to choose bicycles. They often tangle between road bikes and mountain bikes.
For cycling, it’s important to have a bicycle that suits you. Because the suitable bicycle can not only make you get a better riding experience, but also reduce the discomfort of riding.
So what are the strengths and weaknesses of mountain bikes and road bikes? When we choose a bicycle, we should choose the type of bicycle that suits us.
Advantages and disadvantages of mountain bike compared with road bicycle.
Due to its own design, mountain bike is suitable for many road conditions, even some worse road conditions. Compare with road bicycles, mountain bicycles are more suitable for road conditions, mountain bike body design is also very solid. Moreover, the threshold of mountain bike entry is low, not as high as road bicycle.
Mountain bike is not only suitable for mountain road riding, but also for road riding. Some riders have such a misunderstanding that mountain bikes are generally suitable for riding on mountain roads. In fact, this is not the case. Mountain bikes are all highway mountain bikes, even no worse than road bikes.
Mountain bike not only has the advantage of suitable road conditions, but also can be more comfortable than road bike when riding, especially for a long time. Compared with road bike, mountain bike is more suitable for long-distance riding.
Although mountain bike is also suitable for road riding, but for the real road overlord – road bicycle, many aspects are often incomparable, especially the speed advantage. Generally speaking, the weight of mountain bike is heavier than that of road bicycle.
What’s more, the tires of mountain bike are wider than those of road bicycle. It is for this reason that mountain bikes are more suitable for road conditions than road bicycle. However, when riding, the riding resistance is relatively large, that is, the difference in speed.
Between mountain bike and road bicycle, one is the advantage of more suitable road conditions, the other is the advantage of speed and light weight, each has its own advantages. According to the different road conditions also show their own advantages and disadvantages, for the specific choice, or to see their own actual situation.

Post time: Aug-13-2020