A picture to understand the 30-year development trajectory of Zhengxin Tire

For more than 30 years, Zhengxin Tire has gone through the process of “from nothing” and witnessed the tremendous changes in the Chinese market for more than 30 years. At the same time, Zhengxin Tire is determined to make progress, continue to make breakthroughs and achieve transcendence.
Expand territory
On May 26, 1989, Xiamen Zhengxin Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. was successfully registered. Zhengxin began to take root in the mainland and established Zhengxin Xiamen Group. Since then, it has begun to expand in the Chinese market.Then zhengxin, all the way trials and hardships, fearless, zhengxin new to love the struggle will win the fighting spirit, to the stable post-80s generation, post-90s generation responsibility, post-00s generation the courage, created exclusive zhengxin people “unparalleled” tire kingdom, and established the mainland market as the core, radiation of the global marketing map.
Product coverage
Since entering the mainland market, Zhengxin has always insisted on focusing on one thing, making good products and providing good services to contribute to mankind. Due to changes in the market environment, the business has expanded from the first two rounds to four rounds, and the product line has covered different market segments. With the continuous enrichment of Zhengxin’s product line, Zhengxin has become a companion for people to travel safely in daily life.
Channel service
At the same time, based on the emphasis on channel network construction, Zhengxin stores have been spread across the main arterial roads of various provinces and cities across the country, providing professional and convenient services for the travel of consumers.
3Technological innovation
The long-term development of an enterprise is inseparable from innovation. From product development to enterprise business model, Zhengxin is also constantly seeking reforms and achieving breakthroughs time after time. In response to the needs of the times and the market environment, adjust product marketing strategies and continue to launch innovative products.
Brand Marketing
Good products, good quality, and good reputation have also made Zhengxin the choice of many auto brands and consumers. In order to let more people know about Zhengxin, Zhengxin has used marketing activities to continuously enhance its brand influence. It has become the official partner of the Eredivisie giants Ajax Football Club by organizing events independently, participating in international exhibitions, and sponsoring international events. Zhengxin brand can be seen in various industry-related competitions, and passion is everywhere.
Social welfare
In addition, Zhengxin actively assumes corporate social responsibility. Every year, it will cooperate with the nationwide distribution channel system to carry out special activities such as caring for left-behind children and paying attention to traffic safety, and actively assume corporate social responsibility.
5For more than 30 years, Zhengxin people have joined hands with distributors, suppliers and partners to work together to make Zhengxin products “profit” the world. The future is here, and the more “mature and stable” Zhengxin Tire will also go hand in hand with generations of Zhengxin people, not forgetting the original intention and moving forward.


Post time: Dec-28-2020