Expert sharing: 7 steps to perfect bicycle packaging

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Whether you are going out to participate in a cycling race or a cycling trip, from the moment you go out until the moment you go home, we will always worry about the safety of the car, especially if it is stolen. Now I will use my years of cycling experience to talk about how to better travel by car.

First of all, among so many means of transportation, I think airplanes are the most troublesome. Because it is basically impossible for a bicycle to board an airplane, and there are many uncertainties in the consignment. We can only provide a few small suggestions for packing, and hope that they can be used when loading the car to avoid damage to the car to the greatest extent:

1. Remove the rear wheel;

2. Remove the rear derailleur;

3. Remove the pedal;

4. Loosen the headset and turn the handlebar to one side;

5. The tires should be deflated a a little;

6. For hydraulic brakes, paper sheets should be placed between the brake pads to prevent crushing;

7.Finally, put a sign on the loading box/bag, write your name, phone number, destination address, and make a mark.

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Most riders will choose to buy a car bag (usually a canvas bag) or a carton to pack the bicycle, but these two methods are actually not good for the protection of the car, and the transportation is also very troublesome; the other is more expensive The hard-shell loading box solves the protection problem very well, but it may be troublesome when consigning at the airport and railway station.

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Before booking a flight, be sure to check what the airline you booked requires for bicycle consignment, what the cost is, whether you need to apply in advance, and make sure that your luggage insurance can be printed out to prevent the car from being lost or stolen during transportation .

If you have no experience in bicycle travel and want to buy a car but don’t know where to start, go directly to leave your message to us and you can experience the fun of riding.

Post time: Jan-04-2021