How to choose the brake pads that suits you?

The old adage “ You can only ride as fast as you can stop “ rings true. When encountering cold and humid weather, it is the perfect time to test the braking performance of the bicycle. This article only introduces the characteristics of various types of bikes brake pads, so that you can choose the most suitable product for you.dxftghedr

Disc Brakes:

Disc brake pads are very model-specific. While multiple companies will make pads that fit most brakes, care must be taken to insure that the pads you buy fit your model of brake. 


Sintered (metallic) brake pads:

This type pads are metal, and the formula usually contains about 20% to 45% of ferrous metal components. By adding these components, the materials have good thermal stability and good thermal conductivity, which overcomes the serious thermal degradation of asbestos friction materials at high temperatures and the easy cracking of the friction surface and other shortcomings. Besides, they have a long wear life, lots of power, and work in a variety of conditions.


Wet weather pads:

Often identified by a red or pink colour, these pads are softer for better grip in the rain.


Dry condition pads:

Standard high performance brake pads are designed for excellent bite in dry conditions, without squealing or reducing modulation (control).


Carbon pads:

Carbon fibre rims require special brake pad compounds,if you’re running carbon rims, make sure you use carbon specific pads to avoid damage.


Mixed Compound Pads:

These pads are designed for use in all-weather conditions. They usually feature added shaping to remove dirt and grime from the rim surface, and a softer compound for added grip.

The above is the general difference between various types of brakes, I hope this article can help you choose the product that suits you.


Post time: Apr-27-2021

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