How to choose the crank length for your mountain bicycle?

Generally speaking, few buyers will consider the crank length of a mountain bike, but a suitable crank length will bring some small surprises to the rider. For example, it can increase the extra power when riding and enhance the rider’s control of the bicycle.

The crank length of 170-175mm is common to most riders, but each rider’s physiological state is different, and each rider has his own unique riding style. So this article mainly starts from the different advantages of long crank and short crank, and gives you some suggestions.

Mountain bike crank length is speed based on the bikes intended use and rider height. 


For long-travel bicycles with lower bottom brackets, the short crank can reduce the collision of the crank arm and gravel caused by the rugged terrain.

For shorter travel bikes, it is usually have a longer crank arm, which can better increase the mechanical performance of the rider.


Long crank arms have better mechanical advantages, so as to provide faster speeds. The longer the crank arm means greater leverage, which provides more power when pedaling.

The shorter (170mm) cranks were quicker to accelerate up to maximal power. This may be beneficial to some cyclists, because being able to press these pedals faster allows you to get out of corners, narrow gaps or start faster than before.

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Now that you know the difference between a long crank and a short crank, go and choose the crank length that suits you. I hope my article will help you choose the right product.  Of course, If you have any questions, please contact us.

Post time: Apr-27-2021

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