How to make your bicycle more suitable for daily commuting?

In the current epidemic situation, more and more people are choosing to use bicycles as their daily commuting tool, so how can our bicycles become more suitable for daily commuting use environment? Next, let’s briefly analyze the selection of tires, tire pressure and accessories!
1.The choice of tire and tire pressure
Tires: Generally speaking, the first consideration for tire performance during commuting should be puncture resistance and comfort, while weight and rolling resistance should be placed on the side.Taking 700c tires as an example, 28C tires with wider tires have higher comfort and better grip when riding than 25C and 23C tires of the same type. At the same time, It is more handy with wider tires when commuting to deal with complex road conditions, but only weight and wind resistance are sacrificed.
In terms of puncture resistance, when commuting, I recommend using tires with lower TPI (that is, the higher density of the braided layer per square inch of the tire). This is because high TPI tires have lower sidewalls and TPI tires are lighter and thinner. The anti-stab performance will be weakened. Although low TPI tires have no advantage in weight, the anti-stab performance can often outperform the lightweight and lower rolling resistance high TPI tires.
In terms of the choice of tire type, clincher tires, which are economical and can be replaced by many roadside car shops, are definitely a good choice for commuting; and the tires will leak slowly after tying, have better road feeling .
Tire pressure: In addition to checking the tire pressure regularly before commuting, the choice of tire pressure is also an aspect that we need to pay attention to when commuting by bike. Also take the 700C 25C clincher tire as an example. The high tire pressure around 110PSI is a tire pressure that emphasizes tire puncture resistance and control performance. However, this high tire pressure will make the whole bicycle more bumpy when riding. while the tire pressure of around 80-90PSI is a comfortable tire pressure choice, but the risk of tire puncture caused by low tire pressure has also increased. In general, the choice of tire pressure is trade-offs. You can try different tire pressure settings to find the perfect tire pressure that suits you best.
2. Commuter accessories
Bags: Many people prefer to carry a large backpack when commuting by bicycle, and various bags can not only hold tire repair tools, but also provide us with extra storage space when commuting by bicycle. From the small tail bag to the various top, bottom, and riser bags, these bags can hold various items of the riders, and sometimes even some of our backpack items can be placed to reduce the weight of the back.
Lamps: If you are commuting in a city with better lighting conditions, a simple, lightweight, low-lumen headlamp is a good choice; if you are commuting in the countryside or in an environment with insufficient lighting, I recommend the headlights with higher lumen to ensure riding safety; while the taillights are necessary for daily commuting. There are many types of taillights on the market. In addition to the strobe function of the general taillights, I also recommend that you buy them. The taillights for braking reminders can serve as a reminder when we brake and protect the safety of commuting.
Mudguard: Although the mudguard is always abandoned by many riders because of its shape and posture, its role in daily commuting is very huge. It can effectively prevent the wheel from commuting in daily commuting (especially when commuting on wet ground). ) The dirt, mud, etc. brought up by the rotation contaminates your clothes/backpack, so it is definitely one of the essential accessories for daily commuting; there are many types of mudguards on the market, if you think the regular long soft edges fender is not beautiful enough after assembly, you might as well try the EROADE retractable fender or the new short-strip quick-release fender launched by brands such as ENLEE and FULVYE.

Post time: Sep-10-2020