The Return of Burning Feelings—The Tour de France China Series National Circle Race • Shanghai Lingang New Area Station was successfully held


On May 30, 2021, the Tour de France China Series National Circle Race • Shanghai Lingang New Area Station was successfully held and ended successfully.

The Tour de France is the world’s most well-known bicycle sporting palace brand. It originated in France and has a long history of 116 years. Since the successful landing of the Tour de France brand in China in 2017, the Tour de France Challenge and the Tour de France professional lap race have been successfully held in Changsha, Beijing, Zhuji, Chengjiang and Shanghai, gradually forming today’s Tour de France China series.news1

This site is the first time for the Tour de France China Series to come to the new area of Shanghai Lingang, which has a new name card of “the world’s largest port” with the new name of “the world’s largest port”. The two-day Tour de France fan days on May 29 and 30 are very rich in content-there are sales of official derivatives of the Tour de France, interactive experience of fashion items, professional fitness assessment, various food, catering, and carnivals. The atmosphere is strong.


The whole race is the highlight of the race at this station, with about 2000 players starting on time at 8:00 in the morning. As soon as the flute sounded, the players were like wild horses, rushing to get stuck, hoping to gain a favorable position in the early roundabouts-while clearing the way for themselves, they strongly contained their opponents and entered the waterfront later. Control the rhythm on the top of the embankment in preparation. The team quickly entered the Diding Road, where you can see the vast East China Sea, the long tidal flats and the array of windmills generating electricity from the sea breeze. The relatively bumpy road and relatively narrow track not only test the players’ resilience and psychological quality, but also have higher requirements on the skills of the riders in the group to control the bike.



Shen Junxin, CORMIER jearichard and MEULBROEK bas won the first, second and third place in the whole group.His mountain bike is specially made for him by our company (Tianjinpanda technology group co.,ltd). The transmission uses Shimano brand, and is equipped with oil disc brake. It can react more quickly on the road with sharp turns and dangerous situations. The flywheel adopts ATA, smooth chain and light frame, so that riders can get better experience.


Tour de France China Series National Circumference Race•Shanghai Lingang New Area, under the severe high pressure of the epidemic and the requirements of strengthening the safety management of sports events, adhere to the international top-level competition standards to formulate a thorough competition plan and detailed implementation The ultimate success of epidemic prevention and control, medical security, track protection and other links is undoubtedly a boost to China’s cycling events, and it has brought positive energy to the healthy development of China’s cycling! May the ice melt away and the spring flowers bloom, we can hear more laughter and laughter on the road!




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