PDR700C 21 Speed MTB 26 Inch Mountain Bike with straight/cove handlebar bicycle


Title:700c 21/27/30 variable speed double disc brake road bicycle adult student bicycle road bike
Description:The PDR700C frame is up-to-date with the latest standards so you have endless choices for adding upgrades like speed.It satisfies the cycling speed, also satisfies the cycling fun.Show your speed and strength, the brake lever and gear shifter is integrated to make sure safety.
Feature:Geometry is designed for all-day comfort while fully loaded, with a longer wheelbase and lower bottom bracket for enhanced stability.Shimano drivetrain with 2*8 gearing ranges allow riders to tackle both climbs and flats with ease

Product Detail


PDR700C use Aluminum alloy with 6061 frame ,high carbon steel fork,Shifter:shimano rotation shifterDerailleur:F:2speed with shimano,R:8speed with shimano,16speed,Brake:V-brake,Road bike handlebar,700C*200C tire with Newly,40mm double wall rim ,Aluminum hub with F/R quick release,Prowheel Chain wheel&crank,aluminum materials Pedal

type PDR700C
size 700C
color  3583332
Frame Aluminum alloy profiled pipe
Front fork 700C High-carbon fork
Handle bar Alloy
Speed 16gear
Shifter MICRONEW-SB-R582-8
Front derailleur MICRONEW-FD-R52B
Rear derailleur MICRONEW-RD-M29L
Brake Aluminum alloy side brake
Freewheel 8PCS chain wheel
Bottom Bracket Axletree
Hub Aluminum alloy hubs
Rim Aluminum alloy double rims
Tire 700C*200C
Seat post Aluminum alloy
Quick release Aluminium alloy
Saddle Leather saddle
Pedal Plastic/alloy
Weight 15.5kg

700C aluminum alloy frame with 6061 aluminum,light frame and 1.4T of the seat tube increases the load bearing capacity.Streamlined design makes riding in the wind more appealing.The appearance of the Stoving Varnish and inner sticker hides a riding heart.It can with stand wind, frost, snow and rain without fading.The brake cable and the speed change line of the outer cable make the replacement easier without affecting the appearance

handle bar

The double turn of professional road bike is suitable for different cycling groups. The full aluminum brake handle, 1/3 brake handle stroke, make the braking easier and safer.Environment grip, black appearance with four point handle stand for different weights.


Professional road bike steering, using the world's top brand, the 16-speed extreme experience, play the extreme card variable speed effect, experience how to fly on the land.


Road bike with special brake -V brake, aluminum brake clamp black metal luster and High-carbon steel fork, stable brake system.In addition to experience the speed of the braking effect must also be guaranteed.


High quality brand tire, galvanized brake track, not only increase the friction of the brake, in the sunshine under the irradiation of the rolling wheel mapping extraordinary experience.

rear derailleur

Top-class positioning 8pcs freewheel with top-class rear derailleur, easy speed change, low speed flight.Double wall with aluminum rim dazzling decals, dazzling speed, you will be the focus of the ride.


Top-level of the front derailleur, two chain wheel, strong chain, Prowheel crank, aluminum pedal, so that the bike transmission performance is more stable, faster, leaving the speeding car behind.


The stable front wheel aluminum hub, and the black appearance hides a heart that transcends everything. The 14G spokes reduce a lot of resistance, speed youth!

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